The Last House on Mulholland
is a ground-breaking collaboration to build a legacy of identity, values and commitment. It is a one-of-a-kind setting for a compelling brand story.


About LHOM

The Last House on Mulholland, located directly under the iconic Hollywood Sign,  presents for the first time, the pre-eminent stage for a brand to inspire a new meaning of success.

LHOM leverages the organic reach of its landmark Los Angeles location to amplify interest on multiple levels. Only LHOM can provide a physical and emotional tie to the Hollywood Sign - and of course, the hopes and dreams it stands for.


At its core, LHOM is a unique opportunity to communicate brand identity, to a preexisting multi-national audience.



“The world-wide interest in this location provides us with an opportunity to meaningfully engage about design, community and the future.”



LHOM presents, for the first and only time, the chance for a collaborating brand to create value from this singular, legacy building narrative.


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