There’s a captivating narrative to be told about the neighborhood, its city, and for that matter, design.



In our over-communicated world, brands must find ways to differentiate on an emotional level. LHOM provides a unique platform to rise above the noise in a truly meaningful way.

The Last House on Mulholland is an exclusive opportunity to:
— become an enduring symbol of hopes, dreams, celebrity and glamor
— achieve deep, broad, and lasting organic visibility
— be the first and only brand to enjoy direct physical association with this global icon
— differentiate both in method and meaning.

By forging this legacy home, the brand leverages the landmark location to accelerate growth.

Existing global interest ensures a compounding of reach, through the continual, organic reabsorption into our digital world. Simply, there will be more tagged and shared photographs of this home than any other private residence, worldwide.


The inherent juxtaposition of not only using the physical to engage the digital, but also using the past to engage the future, gives us a dynamic, multi-layered platform for endless content possibilities. We have an urban-rural interface under a glamorous icon. Indeed, an icon that itself represents a world between real and fictional.

LHOM provides for spectacular photographic content. The sign, park, nature and historic granite walls all provide for dramatic backdrops. The home will be the most photographed, and photo-tagged in Los Angeles, virtually ensuring continuous, long-term engagement and media value.


LHOM looks for input and support from the stakeholders, as it moves forward with an architecturally significant addition to the neighborhood. One that will refocus attention on our on its historical neighborhood.

Interested parties, such as the park, neighborhood, design review board, and the city are invited to join in building a consensus and understanding through dialogue based in the mutual interest in our collective and related future.


Leveraging LHOM’s proximity to the Hollywood Sign provides the opportunity to meaningfully educate and showcase unique approaches to environmental impact reduction.

Systems to utilize the available sun, wind and water will be part of the Last House’s DNA.

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