The Last House on Mulholland is the story of an iconic home to be built directly under the Hollywood Sign. Surrounded by public park, LHOM will leverage the organic reach of its landmark Los Angeles location to amplify interest on multiple levels.



Hollywoodland, established in 1923, is the neighborhood for which the iconic sign was built to advertise. Located at the top of the famed Beachwood Canyon it was to be the first themed hillside residential development in the US. Architects like John DeLario, Richard Neutra, and John Lautner are all represented.

Just minutes to downtown Hollywood and the studios, the neighborhood has seen its share of celebrity residents; Including Aldous Huxley, Madonna, Doris Day, Bugsy Siegel, Vincent Price, Humphry Bogart, Keanu Reeves, Andy Samberg, Tommy Shaw, Forest Whitaker, Heath Ledger, Axl Rose, Charlie Chaplin, Moby and Debbie Reynolds. The list goes on.

At the edge of the neighborhood, LHOM is surrounded by parkland. The developers original 1923 intentions were to create a community of homes that embraced the environment, were design-worthy and built for modern families. Its historic nature compels local input and participation.


Lot Size

9,415 Sq.ft


1150 ft


South facing


Level fill over bedrock


At street

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