“The world-wide interest in this location provides us with an opportunity to meaningfully engage through design, our commitment to community and the future.”



I can still recall the first time I went to the vacant lot at the very end of Mulholland Hwy, directly under the Hollywood sign. I saw a perfectly placed, flat parcel directly under a global icon and I immediately understood the possibilities. How incredible, I thought, is it that we have the most visible residential building site in the world right in the middle of Hollywood? I knew there was a story to be told.

The sign was originally erected as a billboard advertising a progressive new development - Hollywoodland. My motivation for creating LHOM is primarily to benefit my community. By leveraging the overwhelming global interest in the sign, I hope to direct the public’s interest to the significance of our special neighborhood.

I’m a native Angelino, and Beachwood Canyon resident. In the past few years, I’ve come to deeply appreciate the unique history of the neighborhood. I have also lived in Tokyo, Paris and New York; and I’m very proud that Los Angeles’ architecture holds its own with these incredible places. LHOM’s success will be measured on the impact it has on the neighborhood, city, design and architecture. LHOM will build on L.A.’s robust architectural legacy.

I’ve always felt that our environment profoundly affects our lives, and in a way residential architecture is the most intimate expression of our ‘made’ environment. I begin any endeavor by considering how my actions will improve what exists. This self-reflection applies not only to design and architecture, but also another passion of mine, dentistry. I currently operate a successful practice in the Flatiron District of NYC. Indeed my first design collaboration was my innovative dental office. It’s an early conversion of Manhattan loft space into a modern clinic, and was even reported on by Interior Design Magazine. I’ve had the opportunity to work on other projects from Park Avenue to the Hollywood Hills, always with the understanding that our environment has profound affect on our lives.

I look forward to bringing together this amazing collaboration to build an iconic addition to the neighborhood and the city.

— Steve Alper

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Steve Alper


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